How to choose the air freshener for the car

The smell is a sensation that stimulates the sense of smell. This sense is very versatile with a great power of discrimination capable of distinguishing between 2000 and 4000 different smells . The odors stimulate the reactions of the human being, a bad smell can cause reactions in the body such as dizziness or headaches.

The odors are perceived differently from humans. A good aroma can be pleasant for one person and unpleasant for others. A pleasant perfume inside your car will make driving and company more enjoyable. In the market there are lots of fresheners for the car, this note will show the different types of air fresheners , applications, what are the best scent s and what is the most appropriate.

Types of air fresheners for the car

The best car air freshener comes in different presentations, in aerosol, coupled to the vents, pendants, electrical and the latest ionizers.

Spray air fresheners

Easy to use, a few touches and we managed to aromatize the entire car, different scents come like chewing gum, strawberry, tropical, oriental, sport, among others. One of its advantages is that it is one of the forms of air freshener that offers the widest range of perfumes, in addition to its intensity and immediacy. However, its duration is limited, of just a few hours, and it may be advisable that if you opt for this type of air freshener it is accompanied by another more durable option. Anyway, there is a little trick to make the perfume hold on a little longer "spray it on the mats or upholstery to adhere to the fibers of the fabrics."

Attached to the ventilation grille

This type of air freshener is a container with liquid perfume that hooks on the ventilation grille of the car, this way when starting, when it is open, the aroma spreads constantly during the trip. It is a comfortable and durable method (it works every time the vehicle is started, although there are people who find it too intense and even make them feel dizzy. In hot cities this air freshener evaporates much faster.

Air fresheners

These types of products have become fashionable in recent years, being easy to find in any perfume and health food store. They are usually very effective for small cars, it takes a few minutes for it to be completely perfumed, and it is possible to regulate its aroma , since they usually include lids with an odor dispenser. They can be located under the seats or in the hole under the radio, and its biggest disadvantage is that, if we forget to close the cover, it may have lost its effectiveness in a few days.

Hanging air fresheners

The fresheners hanging are the pioneers in the world of perfume for cars. There are not as many scent varieties as there are in the options above, and the backseat traveler may not even notice it, but they do have one advantage, and that is that they serve as a decorative item. There are soccer teams, in the shape of fruits, cartoons, etc. If you have small children do not discard it. They can become part of the entertainment.

Electric air fresheners

It is an option similar to that of the grill, but in this case it is connected to the cigarette lighter. It does not interfere with the aesthetics as in the grille, and there is no danger of unhooking and spilling on the floor of the car. It produces a long-lasting odor and also includes the possibility of regulating it through the dosing mechanism.

Gel air freshener

This is one of the fresheners that has come out lately, it is in the form of a gel and it comes in a plastic container with a grid which opens and with the car in motion the smell is spread.

Pill freshener

These are pill-shaped air fresheners that are located in the ventilation grills of the cluster.